Getting Started In Infrared Photography


In this video, I give an overview and introduction to Infrared Photography for those who have had no experience with it. In the video, I talk about the three most common ways one can take infrared images:

1.) Purchase a camera specifically made for infrared photography
2.) Put a filter on your lens that only allows infrared light to pass through to the camera’s sensor.
3.) Have a normal camera converted to infrared or purchase one that was already converted.

Next, I explain my choice and why I chose to go that route then I explain the different frequency choices one has for infrared photography. Finally, I process an infrared image demoing what is needed to do in Photoshop to achieve the “Infrared Look”.

For a primer on infrared photography, visit this website:–photo-9533

For post processing, look here:–photo-9540

These two companies seem to be the most popular for infrared filters and camera conversions:

Infrared Conversions, IR Modifications & Photography Tutorials | Life Pixel IR

Here is the camera I purchased on eBay:

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